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Welcome to my Data Viz blog for a graduate course at the CUNY Graduate Center: Summer, 2018

Blog Post 1

For this week’s assignment, I investigated data in the 311 NYC Open Data that looked at complaints received in 2011 dealing with tree damage and assigned to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Blog Post 2

For this week’s Quantified Self assignment, I investigated my Amazon purchaing habits since 2004. I created four visualizations from the data.

Blog Post 3

For this week’s Final Portfolio Draft assignment, I investigated a data set that has been used in a project Jenna Freedman and I are working on: The Zine Union Catalog. I created three visualizations from the data and used more dashboard functionality than in previous assignments.

Blog Post 4

For this week’s final blog post, I have updated the data visualizations from the draft proposal submitted last week. This improvements are made based on the feedback from my classmates and instructors. Included in this post is the white paper that explains my visualizations more thoroughly including the decisions made to develop the visualizations. It’s been an intense month long course, but well worth the work.